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Conventional Machining

The conventional machining facilities and the infrastructure of the machine shop enable Rainbow to handle a wide array of repair and re-conditioning of mechanical components from almost all industries.

All conventional machining jobs are carried out by highly skilled personnel using the time trusted machines.

Conventional Machining Facility

Rainbow's state of the art facility comprises of the following conventional machines:

LathesRanging from a capacity of 1 meter to 10 meters length between center to center
Facing latheCapacity of up to 4 meters diameter
MillingUniversal and vertical
HobbingCapable of accommodating gears up to 1.5 meters diameter and up to 20 module
Gear shaper
Gear grinder
Slotting and shaping
Tool and cutter grinderTo form tools of non-standard profiles
Vertical turret lathe (VTL)Capacity up to 3.5 meters diameter x 1.9 meter height
Horizontal boring
Floor boringCapacity up to 8 meters length x 2.7 meter height
Radial drilling
Hydraulic press200 tons capacity
Fitting section
To carry out dismantling, repairs and assembly. 40 ton over head crane capacity.
Dynamic BalancingCapacity of up to 1.8 meter diameter x 4 meters length x 4 tons weight

Machining Lathe

Conventional Machining

*Spiral bevel - 600 mm diameter

Rainbow's skilled and experienced engineers are able to reverse engineer components from old worn/broken samples to manufacture new ones. Regularly manufactured components include:

  • Oil field components
  • Pump components
  • Dredging components
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Gears
  • Sheaves
  • White metal bearings