Rainbow fabricates components such as gate valves, dredger parts, buckets, off-shore baskets, cranes, containers and silos. The fabrication team is able to complete jobs as per:
  • Drawings provided by the customer
  • Reverse engineering fabricated components
  • Repairing broken or cracked components

The fabrication department caters to a various industries and services numerous different products including but not limited to:

  • Transport & earthmoving: Excavator buckets, boom and track pads.
  • Dredging: Dredger structures, suction doors and gate valves.
  • Oil & gas: Off-shore baskets, containers and storage tanks, spools, flare tip, strainers.
  • Desalination: Storage tanks in structural steel & stainless steel.
  • Power: Piping and ducting works (water, fuel and exhaust).
  • Cement/crusher: Modification of equipment and plants.
  • Marine: Piston crowns, exhaust valve spindles & seats and cylinder covers.
  • Cranes: Overhead, gantries and semi gantries