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CNC Machining & EDM

Rainbow has a state of the art CNC machine shop to carry out precision CNC machining to produce complex components with high accuracy and a short delivery time. The CNC machine shop is equipped with the following specialized machines:

  • 5 Axis Machining Center & Horizontal Boring Machine
  • CNC Millturn
  • CNC 4 axis Spark Erosion

The complete capabilities of our CNC machine shop are as follows:

No.Machine TypeMaximum Travel CapacityControlQuantity
15 Axis Machining CenterSiemens 840D1
25 Axis Horizontal Boring MachineSiemens 840D1
34 Axis Horizontal Boring Machine1
44 Axis Plano Milling Machine1
54 Axis Machining Center1500 x 750 x 700Fanuc OiMC/Siemens 840D5
6MillturnDia. 480 x 2000 Fanuc 18iTB/Siemens 840D2
7Hollow Spindle Turning CenterDia. 800 x 3000/14” HollowFanuc 21iTB/OiTD3
8Turning CenterDia. 620 x 5000Fanuc OiTC/Siemens 802D10
9 Vertical Turning LatheDia. 1500 x 1000Fanuc OiTC2
104 Axis Spark Erosion Machine800 x 600 x 500 (Tank size: 1500 x 1000 x 600)Charmilles1
11Coordinate Measuring Machine (Mitutoyo)2000 x 1000 x 500Capps-DMIS 3D measuring software1
12Arm type Coordinate Measuring Machine (Stiefelmayer)3000 x 1500 x 1500Capps-DMIS 3D measuring software1
* Units in mm unless otherwise stated

The CNC machine shop caters to various industries by regularly manufacturing components such as:

  • Oil & gas - oil tools such as mandrels, crossovers, bottom sub, stabilizers and restrictor sleeves
  • Aluminum - bit breakers, locking pins and stamp heads
  • Hydraulics - glands and sleeves
  • Marine - pistons and shafts

CNC Machining & EDM CNC Machining & EDM CNC Machining & EDM CNC Machining & EDM