Casing & Tubing

In the Oil & Gas industry casing and tubing is a critical product that is used in large quantities. Rainbow carries the API licenses for 5CT to machine, re-chase or re-cut connections that fall under these licenses. In addition to the above,Rainbow holds premium connection licenses for VAGT, VAsuperior, VAroughneck, VAxplorer, VAwizard, TP-CQ, TP-G2, TMK UP PF, TMK UP PF ET, Interpipe UPJ-M, JSHET, HYHT, HYDS that allows us to machine connections that a traditional API certified shop may not be able to offer. Rainbow houses tools and gages in stock for the following connections and can offer quick services to machine these connections:

In addition to machining capability, Rainbow has in house equipment to carry out swaging and torqueing. Rainbow holds the necessary dies for swaging the entire range of VAGT connections.